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Nanjing Superyears Gene Technology Co., Ltd
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Trading Company
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laboratory equipment
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cooperating overseas labs, Paternity test, NIPT test, create a Y-database
Room705,Chengxian Building, No.50 Chegnxian Street,Xuanwu Area,Nanjing,PRC

Company Profile

Nanjing Superyears Gene Technology Co., Ltd was established on September 6th,  2017.  Relying on its professional background, the company becomes an expert in providing overall laboratory services, which is also specialized in the R&D, manufacture, selling and maintenance of the laboratory equipment related to molecular  biology, forensic identification, medical examination, pathological experiment, forensic toxicological examination, etc. Cooperating with many well-known universities and scientific research institutes including Southeast University and Fudan University, Superyears has recruited  a group of professional  engineers from biology,  mediology, mechanology and optics  fields owing to its strong technology advantage. Till now, the company has more than 70 employees whose minimum educational level is college diploma, of which 4 are Ph.D and 6 are Master. At present, the R&D Center of the Industralization of Gene Sequencing Technology proposed by both Southeast University and Superyears is under construction. The center will be specialized in researching and developing the key equipment and technology of DNA sequencing with independent intellectual patent, aiming to promote the industrialization of related products, establish a platform serving minor medical equipment enterprises and overcome the common technical difficulties in biomedical engineering. Superyears has applied for six intellectual patents since its birth.The company adheres to the creed “Makes Gene Tests Easier” and formulates a development strategy for the transformation from a service-oriented company to a technological innovative company basing on the characteristics of gene industry and the company itself. The company devotes itself to raise innovative abilities and develop new technologies in order to perfect the industrial chain of gene sequencing. Meanwhile, the company actively follows the “One Belt One Road” policy and strives to expanding global markets.