The culprit is that it solves the problem of high and low temperature experimental box noise.
As an important member of the ring test industry, high and low temperature test boxes play a very important role in our experiments. However, during use, noise always appears in our ears. Users are paying more and more attention to the mute effect of high and low temperature test boxes. How to effectively reduce the noise problem of high and low temperature test box?
     First, four corners of a suitable high and low temperature test box
     The high and low temperature experiment box is raised by 3-6 cm and the four corners are adjusted so that the air convection space at the bottom of the box is increased. In this way, the noise from the compressor and other noise from the lower part come out from the bottom of the box, which reduces the noise from both sides and the upper part of the high and low temperature test box.
     Second, the compressor base should be strong
     If the compressor is pressed tightly by hand, the noise will be significantly reduced and the noise raised by the hand will be increased. This is generally caused by the unevenness of the force of the vibration-damping rubber pad fixed on the compressor base or the looseness of the bolt and the looseness of the compressor base plate. Should adjust, tighten the connection part bolts and replace the loss of elastic washers.
     Third, the pipeline and high and low temperature test box reinforcement
     It is necessary to check whether the connection reinforcement part between the outer pipe and the box is loose, so as to avoid resonance when the high-low temperature test box compressor works. In order to avoid loosening, the outer pipe must be fixed, bolts should be added with spring washers.

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