China's electronic measuring instrument market survey analysis and development prospects report

Time: 2018-03-24
With the development and upgrading of downstream related industries and the continuous emergence of new technologies, the use of electronic measuring instruments has become more widespread, providing a good market opportunity for the rapid development of the electronic measuring instrument industry.

(1) Electronic Manufacturing

Electronic measuring instruments are widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry. Product development, design, and production all require electronic measuring instruments to test and verify product functions and performance. China has now become the world's leading electronic product R&D and manufacturing base. In recent years, with the recovery of the global economy after the financial crisis, the market demand for electronic products has re-emerged. At the same time, under the stimulation of industrial policies such as home appliances going to the countryside, home appliances replacement, and energy-saving products Huimin Engineering, domestic demand for major consumer electronics products is strong.

(2) Communications and Information Technology

In the past ten years, the communications industry has developed rapidly, driving the development of electronic test technology and instrumentation industries. At the beginning of this century, foreign sources showed that for communications, electronic measurement instruments, including mobile communications, optical fiber communications, satellite communications, and network communications, have increased to 50% of the total sales of electronic measuring instruments. about.
As a strategic, basic, and leading industry that carries economic operations, the communications industry is facing good opportunities for development under the strong support of policies. In May 2012, the State Council and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology successively issued the "Several Opinions on Vigorously Promoting the Development of Informatization and Effectively Protecting Information Security" and the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the Communications Industry, proposing that the "Three Networks" will be accelerated. The "integrated" and "broadband China" strategy will also be applied to the new technologies and new industries such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and 4G. The communications industry will face a new round of growth and will certainly drive the rapid development of the electronic measuring instrument industry.

At the same time, with the advancement of the technology of domestic mobile phone manufacturers and the shift of electronic information manufacturing to the mainland, the share of domestic mobile phone shipments in the world market continues to increase. GARTNER predicts that in 2015 China's smart phones alone will reach 327 million units, which will increase to 60.8% of the global smartphone market.
(3) Higher education and research institutes

With the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the development of higher education in our country is more rapid, and the number of students in the school is increasing. In order to ensure the quality of teaching and improve students' practical ability, the state has increased investment in equipment and equipment of higher education institutions to further enrich the school's teaching experiment equipment and improve the actual (trial) examination and internship environment. In electronic electronics, communications engineering, computer and other related professional experiments and teaching, oscilloscopes and other electronic measurement instruments are essential common equipment.

Because it is necessary to undertake specific research projects for the country and the enterprise, the demand for instruments in scientific research institutes has certain rigidity. As the country pays more and more attention to scientific and technological research and development, the demand for electronic measuring instruments by scientific research institutes will increase steadily.
(4) Aerospace

The aerospace industry is a strategic industry in China with a high degree of political, economic and scientific significance. In terms of scale, China’s aerospace industry is second only to the United States and Russia. Under the vigorous development of the country, the aerospace industry will enter a period of strategic opportunities, investment will continue to increase, and the development space is very broad.

The aerospace industry places high demands on product quality reliability, stability, and structural optimization design. Therefore, a large number of experiments and tests are required to purchase a large number of electronic measuring instruments. At the same time, the frequency of electronic measurement instruments used in the aerospace industry is high, and the technical performance of electronic measurement instruments is required to be high. Therefore, the instrument update cycle is short.

In recent years, the state has implemented major national projects such as aerospace projects such as the “Scorpio” and “Temple” and large aircraft projects, and will gradually open up the general aviation field. The implementation of these major projects will bring major market opportunities for the industry.

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