【 Invitrogen】iBright Intelligent imaging system FL1000

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Use the Invitrogen iBright Intelligent Imaging System to easily and efficiently image and analyze your immunoblots and gels. These high-performance instruments have advanced automation capabilities and an easy-to-use interface for researchers at all levels of experience, enhancing the immunoblot experience. Experience the iBright imaging system instantly and move ahead in the new world of protein immunoblotting to meet the challenge.

Get the best results with the shortest manual time

Easy to Operate - Capacitive LCD touch screens operate in a manner similar to other commonly used touch screen devices, allowing you to easily open the experience journey.

Run Immediately After Placing Samples—Use a powered drawer to place the sample. The user interface uses a simple and reasonable layout of features and features, making the iBright intelligent imaging system easy to use and requires little training. The workflow for different imaging modes is similar - a smooth imaging experience is available regardless of the type of sample.
Simple sample alignment, focusing, and zooming—The iBright intelligent imaging system automatically determines the sample position and rotates the sample up to 10° to the left or right by mechanically rotating the stage, eliminating the need to open the sample drawer and repeatedly place the sample Can be properly aligned. Mechanical rotation is better than digital rotation because digital rotation can cause data changes.

The iBright intelligent imaging system automatically determines if the sample needs to be scaled to maximize the field of view. If you are imaging a single blot, the camera will move towards the sample (up to 2x zoom). This action will bring the camera closer to the sample, shortening the distance that light hits the camera's sensor, further increasing the sensitivity. The iBright imaging system automatically adjusts the focus at each zoom level to obtain a clear image.

Analyze in a short time - iBright Intelligent Imaging System uses automated on-board data analysis to enable instantaneous lane and band identification and overlay of molecular weight standards, greatly simplifying the basic post-imaging data analysis. Supports quantitative and optical density analysis directly on the instrument. Simultaneous analysis of up to 4 blots or gels greatly increases throughput.

One-click optimization imaging - intelligent imaging technology and powerful camera
Acquire a clear image - Intelligent imaging technology quickly determines the optimal exposure time, helping to minimize the possibility of overexposure or underexposure of the image and achieve the desired signal without repetitive exposure. The iBright intelligent imaging system combines intelligent imaging technology with a sensitive 9.1 million pixel (MP) cooled CCD camera with powerful imaging capabilities to help detect small differences in protein expression.

Expand your blotting palette - make your print more vivid

Large field of view, small volume - iBright Intelligent Imaging System has a unique optical path design that allows for a larger viewing area in a relatively small instrument.

Longer Life Reflective LED Light Sources - The iBright FL1000 intelligent imaging system uses a simple combination of two high-quality long-life reflective LED light sources for fluorescence imaging applications. Wide-spectrum white LEDs can be used as RGB fluorescence and far-infrared fluorescent light sources. The other LED is optimized for near-infrared fluorescence. The light emitted by these light sources passes through matching excitation and emission filters, and with a variety of reagent schemes, they can be used for protein gel, nucleic acid gel and blot imaging applications
Accelerate Your Research - iBright FL1000 has five fluorescent channels that simultaneously image four-color fluorescent protein immunoblots, expanding the ability to simultaneously detect multiple proteins on a single blot. So you can get more meaningful and more representative comparison data and improve your experiment. Smart Exposure intelligent imaging technology optimizes the signal-to-noise ratio of each fluorescent channel, further improving the acquisition of multiplex fluorescent immunoblot data.

More environmentally friendly!

The iBright intelligent imaging system utilizes a green LED transilluminator that can effectively excite commonly used DNA dyes, such as ethidium bromide and SYBR Green dyes, with many other advantages.

Do not use harmful UV rays: Although UV light can effectively excite many fluorescent dyes and stains, UV rays can be harmful to health. In addition, prolonged exposure to UV light can damage DNA samples and affect sample integrity for downstream applications such as subcloning.

No mercury-containing wastes: UV-transmitted lamps contain mercury, a hazardous substance, and require special handling and disposal.

Longer service life: The lifetime of LED bulbs is much longer than that of UV lamps, which can save significant costs over the lifetime of the instrument.

iBright Analysis Software - Connects to Thermo Fisher Cloud
Simple software package with powerful analysis capabilities - iBright analysis software extends the depth image adjustment and data analysis capabilities based on the onboard analysis features of the iBright intelligent imaging system. iBright analysis software is designed to improve the overall intuitive imaging experience.

Cloud connectivity helps increase efficiency—iBright analysis software is based on the Thermo Fisher Cloud cloud platform and is part of the Thermo Fisher Connect suite. Data can be exported directly from the iBright Intelligent Imaging System and safely stored in the Thermo Fisher Cloud. Because iBright Analysis Software is web-based, you can access, view, analyze, and share your data anytime, anywhere. In addition, using Thermo Fisher Connect, you can also determine instrument status, firmware version, and usage history, and increase supervision of investment devices.

Secure Data - Thermo Fisher Connect is powered by Thermo Fisher Cloud. Thermo Fisher Cloud uses strong security standards, including high-level encryption and network firewalls to provide security for your data. Thermo Fisher Cloud also provides data backup and recovery capabilities so that your data is safe even in emergency situations.