【Applied Biosystems】ABI 3130/3130xL Gene Analyzer

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Update Time 2018-08-03
Item specifics
BrandApplied Biosystems
ABI 3130 and 3130xL are fully automatic genetic analyzer used in DNA sequencing, sequence comparison, genotype automatic analysis and SNP analysis.

Application range
Sequence analysis software for base recognition.
GeneMapper/GeneMapper ID software for Micro-satellite,SNP, AFLP and LOH analyses.
SeqScape software for comparative sequencing, mutation detection, inserting and rejecting heterozygote
BioTrekker software for gene analyzer and time fluorescence norm PCR. The software can download tested gene data to database from GeneMapper Software v3.5 and SDS Enterprise Database v2.2.

15-30°C, fluctuating around ±2°C while working
20%-80% (non-condensing)
Work station
processor Pentium IV, 2GHz
Internal storage
Operating system
Windows XP Professional Edition
17-inch colour screen
Hard disk capacity
double 36GB HDD
Peripheral equipment
CD/RM driver

ABI 3130/3130xl genetic analyzer presets software for data collection and automatic analysis of sample files. It uses Windows XP operating system, and Sequencing Analysis Software v5.2, SeqScape Software v2.5 and GeneMapper Software v3.7 to analyze sample files. New KB Base-caller software tools provide quality scores for sample sequence. Base recognition and fragment size recognition algorithms have been optimized for the data generated from 3130/3130xl system.

• 16-capillary automatic electrophoresis system (3130 4 capillaries, 3130xl 16 capillaries)
• Dual beam excitation device for laser light source, ensure high uniformity of energy signal
• The detection system adopts cryogenic CCD device featuring high sensitivity
• Cabinet light synchronous light dividing device, makes it possible to change dyes without changing hardware
• Five-color fluorescence detection technology of global patent
• Automatic gel injection and sampling device
• Local constant temperature detection unit
• 24-hours unattended continuous operation
• A plate that can be sequenced and analyzed simultaneously
• A tube that can be sequenced and analyzed simultaneously

• The accuracy of DNA sequence analysis is 98.5% or more with the length up to 950bp or above.
• Sequence over 164 samples and/or 82,000 alkali bases within 24 hours.
• Sequencing reagents can be diluted routinely not less than 16 times.
• Special kit for difficult template.
• Kit system for sequencing human functional genes.
• Microbial identification kit with more than 1,400 kinds of bacteria and more than 900 kinds of fungi.

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