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Update Time 2018-05-16
Item specifics
After many years of in-depth research on DNA detection technology, Superyears recently launched the new Honor-100 DNA Sequencer, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies in this field. Our engineers have made optimization on its function, laser, detection wavelength, temperature control accuracy and system software, offering you excellent operating experience.

System Components
Superyears Honor-100 DNA Sequencer contains the following components:
Hardware: optical system (including laser, fluorescence testing assembly, area array CCD detector), auto-sampler, automatic gel injection module, high-voltage power, incubator, built-in central control circuit, drive and control circuits for each component.
Software: DNA data acquisition software and forensic DNA fragment analysis software.
Consumables: capillary array, buffer, gel, formamide, fluorescence calibration substances.

Superyears Honor-100 DNA Sequencer is applicable to individual and relationship identification. It can acquire intact and clear DNA typing maps, whose typing results are repeatable and identical with those of foreign mainstream products. Honor-100 can recognize 1bp difference between DNA fragments with accuracy SD≦0.12bp, baseline noise ≦50RFU, show the real-time peak height ratio, and identify the position of heterozygote accurately without leaving out. The interpretation of each base has been proven by the Phred Q20 Standard, and the length can be extended to over 900bp with a 98.5% accuracy, therefore can be used to handle common cases in forensic DNA labs and DNA database construction.

• All-open testing platform.
• Compatible with mainstream reagent kits both at home and abroad.
• Efficiency of fluorescence excitation is 30% higher than that of foreign products.
• Vulnerable parts are domestically made, reducing maintenance cost by 50%.
• Injection module has high precision and pressure-resistance capacity.
• Upgradable 16-channel capillary system.
• Optimized heat conduction system to better meet the requirements on temperature controlling during DNA fragment analysis.
• Strong application flexibility in STR analysis, gene sequencing and other researches.
• Build-in Windows 10 with Chinese interface, easy to use.

• Micro-satellite positioning and disease linkage analysis
• SNP, SNPlex and SNPshort
• Methylation analysis
• Analyses of AFLP and MLPA
• Analyses of LOH and SSCP

Size812 mm*610 mm*532 mm
Power supply voltage220±10%V, 50 Hz±1 Hz
Ambient Temperature15-30℃ (temperature fluctuation should not exceed ±2℃ while working)
Wavelength of laser505 nm (semiconductor solid-state)
Number of channels16
Capillary length36, 50, 80
Resolving power1bp
Accuracy≤0.12 bp
Weight120 KG
Max current10 A
Max power800 W
Laser30 mW long-life semiconductor solid-state laser
Detection modeAutomatic collection of laser induced fluorescence CCD
Detection wavelength range530~700 nm
Maximum detection fluxFragment length<500bp/h, En>16 (per sample per hour)
Temperature accuracy≤0.2℃
 Patent namePatent number
Exclusive License for Invention PatentsMethod for analyzing haplotype of PCR products by primer selection sequencing-by-synthesis201410605987.X
Software CopyrightDatabase Uploading System of Sample Loci Information2015SR059317
Software CopyrightForensic Identification Reports Management System2015SR205332
Software CopyrightForensic Laboratory Management System2015SR2018107
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