One-stop Maintenance Service

Group Maintenance
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2018-07-02
The on-site maintenance service provided by our professional engineer team can save you from shipping instruments abroad to repair the damages caused by small parts, giving you peerless experience. Our maintenance service features wide range, fast response and high quality. Whether it is a large medical instrument or a small biological engineering device, we guarantee the service quality.
CategoryCustomer service of manufacturerSelf-employed maintenance personnelCustomer service of Superyears
Visiting feeHighAs appropriate1,600
Accessory feeOriginal priceOriginal Price90% discount
Service qualityHighNot guaranteedHigh
NotesHard to manageLack of maintenance capacity; high costsProfessional one-stop service
Free equipment maintenanceNoYesNo
Reporting methodCall the manufacturerAs appropriate400-677-8378
Other reporting methodNoNoWeChat or App
10-min responseNoNoYes
48-hour on-site serviceNoAs appropriateYes
Telephone technological supportYesYesYes
Equipment operation trainingPaid serviceNoPaid service
Instrument Reparation
Provide specific service in accordance with clients' needs and instrument condition
Instrument maintenance
Make annual maintenance plan in accordance with instrument condition
Reserve instrument
Provide reserve instruments when the damaged one is under reparation
Reagent supply
Supply debugging/adjusting reagents
Replacement of parts and consumables
Provide replacement service on parts and consumables

Molecular Biology InstrumentsAnalytical Instruments

Types: sequencer, PCR instruments (normal/gradient/ration), FCM and etc.

Brands: ABI, Life, Roche, Bio-rad, Illumina, BD and etc.

Types: chromatograph, spectrometer, mass spectrometer, AAS, protein purification system and etc.

Brands: Thermofisher, Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu, Jena, Dionex and etc.

Optical InstrumentsSeparation/Extraction/Purification Instruments

Types: spectrophotometer, optical microscope, microplate reader, gel imaging  system and etc.

Brands: Thermofisher, Bio-rad, Nikon, Olympus, Molecular Devices and etc.

Types: centrifuge, SPE, pure water filter and etc.

Brands: Eppendorf, Millipore, Thermofisher and etc.