【Illumina】 HiSeq 2500 NGS DNA Sequencer

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Update Time 2018-07-13
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ModelHiSeq 2500
The HiSeq 2500 System is a powerful and efficient ultra-high throughput sequencing system that supports the widest range of applications and research scales. Using Illumina's mature SBS principles, the unmatched data quality makes the HiSeq 2500 the instrument of choice for large genome centers and leading organizations worldwide. The v4 reagent that has been introduced will support acquiring more reads and more data in a shorter period of time.

HiSeq 2500 Performance Parameter
High output operation model*

*Install specifications based on Illumina PhiX control library at supported cluster densities (between 610-678 K clusters/mm2 passing filter using TruSeq v3 Kits or 950-1050 K clusters/mm2 passing filter using HiSeq v4). Run times high output mode correspond to sequencing only. Performance may vary based on sample quality, cluster density, and other experimental factors.

Experiment Process

Make your application easier and let you focus on research
From sample preparation to data analysis, our focus is on making applications easier – so you can focus on your research. Targeted re-sequencing, gene expression, whole genome sequencing, epigenetics, and more – we designed a complete solution that simplifies any research you want to conduct. Regardless of your research objectives, laboratory size or funding, the HiSeq 2500 system provides an ideal solution for all your high-throughput sequencing needs.

Whole genome sequencing is right in your lab
Genomic sequencing can be performed quickly and economically in your laboratory. Select the rapid operation mode of HiSeq 2500 system, accelerate the turnaround time, and sequenced the entire human genome within one day. Alternatively, maintain a high-yield mode and sequence multiple genomes in a single run, assuming 100 Gb per genome. Both models produce the highest data quality in the industry, bringing the most accurate and complete genome sequencing results.

Targeted re-sequencing
From a single custom panel to the entire exome, select from a complete set of targeted re-sequencing protocols to support all study designs. Exploration, validation and screening that are cost-effective and scalable are now within your reach.

Whole transcriptome sequencing
From high-throughput gene expression profiling to deep transcriptional analysis, HiSeq offers an unprecedented RNA analysis solution. Determine the abundance of individual transcripts and subtypes, discover new genes, and identify non-coding regulatory RNA.

De Novo sequencing
With the unique combination of high yield, long reads and double-ended sequencing, HiSeq is a powerful tool for genome de novo sequencing of any size. By sequencing the entire microbial community, a true metagenomic analysis is conducted to discover important classification and functional information.

Epigenetic regulation
In a single run of HiSeq, a more complete biological story can be learned by evaluating various forms of epigenetic regulation. ChIP-Seq was used to study DNA-protein interactions and gene regulation. DNA methylation was quantified at single base resolution.