Agilent 1200 Prep HPLC system with DAD or MWD

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Item specifics
Compared with the conventional HPLC, the Agilent 1200 HPLC system has improved analysis speed by 20 times and resolution by 60% without sacrificing resolution, precision and sensitivity.

The Agilent 1200 HPLC system is designed to provide the fastest analysis speeds and highest resolution while minimizing system load. Therefore, it retains the durability and working principle of conventional HPLC instruments.

The Agilent 1200 HPLC system is suitable for method development, research, and various applications that require solvent selection, featuring the greatest flexibility in automation and solvent selection.

The Agilent 1200 HPLC system can be quickly switched between methods using different solvents, using binary, ternary and quaternary gradients, making it the most flexible system on the market.

Combined with any automatic sampler of Agilent 1200 series, the Agilent 1200 HPLC system is very suitable for multi method high throughput workflow.

It is 20 times faster than the conventional HPLC with a 60% better resolution, and has the same or better data quality (resolution, sensitivity, precision).

The delay volume is configurable for a wide range of applications, supporting both narrow and standard columns - Applicable to rrlc and hplc, does not affect the compatibility of existing hplc methods. With a standard delay volume configuration (600 - 800 μl), a column length of up to 300 mm is best suited to support lc/ms on narrow-bore columns. Low delay volume configuration (120 μl).

Regulatory compliance, meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements.

A wide range of more than 70 rrht columns for great applicability.

Basic system
1. Rapid high separation liquid phase system
2. Binary liquid phase system
3. Quaternary liquid phase system
4. Single liquid phase system
5. Purification system
6. Hplc-chip/ms system
7. Nanofluidic liquid phase system
8. Capillary liquid phase system
9. 1200 Series Detector
10. Diode array detector sl
11. Diode array detector
12. Fluorescence column detector
13. Multi-wavelength detector
14. Multi-wavelength detector sl
15. Refractive index detector
16. Variable wavelength detector

Product Specifications
It is convenient to use four solvents for equal gradient or gradient analysis, which is suitable for rapid development and rapid deployment of mobile phase, and flushing HPLC system.

The flow range is wide, the maximum flow rate is 10 ml/min, the delay volume is 800-1100 L, which is suitable for micro diameter column, standard column and semi preparation application.

It is easy to program and control through instant pilot component or Agilent chemical workstation or ezchrom software.

It contains a micro vacuum degasser, which has high degassing efficiency, achieves barrier free operation and maximum performance, and does not require helium at all.

Rapid replacement of maintenance parts directly from the front panel

Quickly judge problems through self diagnosis, built-in logging and pre programmed testing methods.

Early maintenance feedback (EMF) continuously monitors the use of instruments and user preset limits for a long period of time. Once the limit is exceeded, feedback information will be provided.

It can be upgraded and expanded in all Agilent 1200 series HPLC components.

Agilent 1200 series rapid resolution lc system - selected system specifications
Pump delay volume
low delay volume configuration: 120 µlstandard delay volume configuration: 600 - 800 µl 
Flow rate range 0.05 - 5 ml/min 
Maximum pressure 600 bar
Column dimensions length: 10 - 300 mm, id: 0.05 - 8 mm
Temperature range 10 °c below ambient - 100 °c
Stability < ± 0.05 °c
Max. linear velocity > 16 mm/sec (water / acn gradient)
Injection volumes 0.1 - 100 µl (1500 µl) without loop change, no overfill (drawn = injected volume)
Maintenance and system test front access to all maintenance partsmaintenance instructions through multimedia cd-romtime for full system test (oq/pv) < 4 hours
Standard glp features early maintenance feedback-emf(tracks lamp burn time, usage, number of injections with limits and feedback messages)
Extended glp features (for systems inlcuding mwd sl or dad sl) data recovery card (drc) for data security (prevents data losses in case of communication breakdowns)radio frequency identification (rfid) for data traceability. (rfid tags for flow cells and uv lamp allow unambiguous traceability of measurement conditions)
System control through local workstation software, client/server network data system and/or local handheld control module (1200 series instant pilot). default control: lan / can.

The brand of this product is Agilent, the model is 1200, the type is the high performance liquid chromatograph, the measuring range is 0-100%, the measuring object is the organic matter, the range of temperature control is 0-60 (℃).

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